ABC Refinery Discusses What it Means to be Accredited

ABC Refinery certification

When working with a metal refinery, a company that is producing and caring for metals you have invested your money in, it is essential to ensure the refinery is accredited.  Many customers are interested in what accreditation means for a metal refinery, as well as what organizations have backed the refinery with certificates of approval.  ABC Refinery is accredited by numerous organizations, including the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).  ABC Refinery shares details on a few of the companies that have granted the refinery with accreditation.


The LBMA is a prestigious organization to receive accreditation from, and ABC Refinery is the sole recipient of an LBMA certificate in Australia among gold refineries.  The purpose of LBMA is to hold businesses in the metal industry to a high standard of clear business operations, ethics and leadership.  LBMA sets precedents and recommendations for the entire globe in regards to metal refining and associated processes.  LBMA is also involved with promoting responsible sourcing of metals, such as working to prevent terrorism, money laundering and breaches of human rights.  It is important to maintain an ethical precious metals industry for safety and ethics.  LBMA monitors its accredited businesses and reviews incidents, imposes sanctions and accepts complaints.


Along with being the only refinery in Australia to be accredited by LBMA, ABC Refinery is also the only Australian producer that is accredited by NATA.  NATA operates within Australia and focuses on laboratory operations.  Its standards ensure high quality production for both Australia and the rest of the globe.  NATA investigates and inspects refinery laboratories and shares the information with relevant parties, such as the government and metal industry organizations.  NATA holds each laboratory to standards that reflect best practices found around the world.


ABC Refinery’s accreditation with SGE expresses its good standing and partnership with operations in China.  Founded by the People’s Bank of China, SGE oversees shipments and exchanges of metals such as gold and silver.  The organization upholds strict rules of enforcement for all operations and conducts investigations.  Only seven refineries outside of China have been accepted by SGE, including ABC Refinery.

Utilizing a refinery that is widely accredited means that the business’s processes are reliable and carefully monitored.  Customers can be more confident in products that are backed by renowned compliance organizations.

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