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With a history spanning more than five decades, the vertically-integrated Pallion/ABC Refinery services group has been instrumental in Australia’s precious metals mining, commerce and storage industries. Pallion launched ABC Refinery as its refining division and it went on to become Australasia’s most well-known independent service that processes precious metals company. While both businesses are recognized locally and globally, Pallion has stood the test of time as an industry leader for those who since 1951 have needed precious metal processing and refining. The company entered the precious metals processing/refining sector in 1978 and this brand would become synonymous with speed, financial return, cash flow and more. The tradition of skilled work and speedy services continues today with ABC Refinery because it established the “gold standard” of precious metal processing in Australia. As current clients will readily attest, ABC Refinery remains entrusted as an autonomous assayer, refiner and mint for precious metals.

ABC Refinery’s mission is providing Australasia with refining, casting, assaying and minting options.  These services are made available to both the secondary and primary precious metal industry. In fact, ABC Refinery has made a name for itself as a refiner and processor and set industry benchmarks along the way. ABC Refinery frequently partners with clients who have expressed an interest in maximizing financial return, cash flow and rapid out-turn. Moreover, countless clients have seen the skilled scope of services the company has provided over the decades and happily partnered with this company as a result.

ABC Refinery’s headquarters are in Sydney, New South Wales. This location is easily accessible, as it is located near Sydney International Airport. From a logistical standpoint, ease of access has been a huge help for the Pallion/ABC Refinery brand because it allows clients to easily access fabrication, financial and storage services. Facilities at the company’s headquarters are industry-defining and include Australia’s only SGE, NATA, LBMA and ISO-certified metallurgical laboratory. Additional offices in Australia, include those in the following cities:

– Perth

– Melbourne

– Brisbane

Pallion operates additional locations in Hong Kong and China.

ABC Refinery may be best known among current — as well as prospective clients doing a bit of industry research — as an only firm manufacturing and offering of ABC Bullion. This is a core component of Australia’s gold trading. As the largest minting facility in Australia that’s also privately-run, ABC Refinery proudly works with some of the country’s largest mines, government entities and financial institutions.

Readers are encouraged to visit this website often for more information on the gold industry. ABC Refinery will be posting blogs on an array of topics that pertain to the history of gold, the current status of the gold industry and the all-important projections for the future.